Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fascinating Honeymoon Destinations For March

Honeymoon is one of the most cherished and awaited moments in the life of an individual.Everyone tries to make their honeymoon a memorable lifetime event.Are you wondering where to plan your honeymoon vacation in March? It is advised that you settle for places at a higher altitude than the low lying regions,as it is the time of early spring.Some of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the month of march are:

1) Las Vegas
2) Arizona
3) Morocco
4) Washington, DC

These are some of the honeymoon destinations in March where you find the weather to be pleasant and comfortable.


Talking about Arizona for your honeymoon and not being a part of the Grand Canyon makes your trip incomplete. This is one of the best destinations for the tourists as well as the honeymoon couples. It is situated in the northern part and is known as one of the natural marvel. To see its actual beauty you have to experience it with your own eyes.Whilst visiting the Grand Canyon, both you and your partner should keep it in mind that is immense and cannot be covered totally in a day.


Morocco is another attractive honeymoon destination in March. There are several who opt for this place for various reasons. On your honeymoon vacation to Morocco the best places to explore are the majestic cities of Meknes, Marrakech and Fes. It is here that you would find the old town of Medinas. In addition there are the colorful bazaars, bustling town squares and also the beautiful monuments. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the other famous destinations for honeymoon in USA. It is one of the most popular places for couples, with its resorts, entertainment arenas, shopping plazas and best restaurants. It is the entertainment capital in the world and has some of the famous casino resorts. Most of the hotels, resorts and casinos are located near the Las Vegas Boulevard.

By: Ameria Hat, photo by dragonisis


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