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10 Fun and Free Things to Do in San Diego

You Don't Have to Spend a Penny to Enjoy Beautiful San Diego.

There is no place quite like San Diego, California. Blessed with wonderful year-round weather, visitors can enjoy many of the same favorite free attractions that are well-known to the Locals. While you should probably take your wallet with you because it contains your Driver's License and you may want to grab some lunch, for most of the day, you can keep your wallet in your pocket.

5 Romantic Experiences To Enjoy In London

As someone who was born and bred in London and consider myself a Londoner no matter where I am living in the world, I firmly believe that London lends itself to one of the most romantic and lovely places in the world to spend time with your loved ones. London can rival any other major city for the amount of fun and romance it can offer and more. One of the biggest and vibrant cities in the world with a wide variety of nice places to go to, it truly is a magnificent place for couples to enjoy. In this article I will list 5 of the most romantic things to do when spending time in London.

Some Things to Do in Liverpool

 If you've never visited Liverpool before, you'll find yourself spoiled for choice in this north-western city and cultural hub, and even if you're a regular visitor here you're still bound to find new experiences to enjoy in Liverpool's dynamic and ever-changing arts scene.

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Save Money in Venice, Italy

If you're going to be visiting Venice, you'll quickly notice that it's a very expensive city, even by European standards. However, there are some tips and tricks you can learn in order to save money in Venice.
One of the best ways to keep your Venice travel costs down is to make use of public transportation rather than private water taxi rides. The Venetian form of public transit is called a vaporetto, or water bus.

Peru Travel: Andahuaylillas, America's Sistine Chapel

The small church in Andahuaylillas has been dubbed America's Sistine Chapel because its interior decoration, which includes fabulous murals and paintings, recalls its Vatican equivalent. Located about 45 km from Cusco, a visit to Andahuaylillas can be added to a Cusco or Peru vacation package.

Peru Travel: Architectural Mixture in Cusco, the Imperial Inca City

Mestizaje is a term used to describe the meeting of two or more distinct elements. When you travel through Peru and Latin America, this is evident in aspects as diverse as food, religion, and even the physical appearance of people, which is a product of the confluence of indigenous, Spanish, African, and other cultures. Mestizaje is also evident in the architecture of the imperial city of the ancient Inca civilization, which travelers can appreciate as part of a Cusco vacation package. Although the Spanish conquerors razed many Inca structures in the effort to impose a Spanish settlement upon Cusco, some parts of Inca edifices, including many of the palaces and temples that surrounded the Plaza de Armas, were preserved and incorporated into Spanish buildings.

Chinese New Year in London

Unlike the Western New Year celebration, Chinese New Year, based on the Chinese calendar, is more than just a 1-night celebration. In fact, Chinese New Year is a 15-day celebration that includes many festive Chinese traditions. For the Chinese community living in London, as well as other London residents and visiting tourists, Chinese New Year is an exciting occasion, full of celebration and rejuvenation.

Get Pleasure From Various France Festivals And Events

Festivals and special events happen all the time in France. Visit any city in the region and is more likely to fall under some kind of festival or special event. The beautiful weather and endless sun encourages people to celebrate singing, dancing as well as dressing up in different costumes. There are several advantages for cheap ferries, especially in places where many of the destinations of the island, where nature can be surprising.
Several ferry companies present you with a good deal on a regular basis, so be careful because they can represent significant savings. Travelling by ferries to France with your family, would be more enjoyable. France is a nice hub to many cultural and entertainment events set regularly throughout the year.

Best London Tourist Attractions

London is home to plenty of attractions known for art, architecture, culture, history and entertainment. Here are some of London's best attractions to treat you on your visit to London.
Tower of London

The Tower of London was built in the 11th century and has played a very prominent role in English history. It is the original royal fortress and is located on the north bank of River Thames. It is one of London's best sites depicting the history and glory of England. Throughout the centuries, the tower has been a palace, prison, and arsenal (store for the weapons and equipments in the country), place of torture and place for crown jewels. Millions of people visit the tower every year and is one of world's heritage sites in the UNESCO list since 1988.

5 Rome, Italy Annual Cultural Festivals Not to Be Missed

With Rome being absolutely crammed with culture it is no surprise that the locals like to share this culture with the rest of the world. Throughout the year there are a number of events which take place which, whilst enjoyed by the local residents, are also a great excuse for tourists to visit this marvellous city. The festivals, whilst varying in nature, are consistent in the pleasure and richness that they add to the already charming culture of Rome. Below are just some of these festivals which you may like to attend:

Traveling In New York - A Complete Guide for Your Next Visit

New York is such a beautiful city, full to the brim with skyscrapers, shops and so much more; when you visit New York you need to be able to get around as quickly and as cheaply as possible; thankfully this is not hard to do if you know the local transport system.
One of the great methods of travel is the Hop-on Hop-off New York Bus Tour that can be taken advantage of if you have a New York Pass, this pass will let you on the bus that will take you from one place to another without you having to worry about how you're going to weave in and out of the traffic or whether or not you have enough cash for a taxi ride. Not only does the bus take you to some of the buildings/attractions that New York is most famous for but it also last for not one day, but two which means you can slow down and see New York at your pace.

Exotic Jaipur Tourism

Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, is filled with the passion of pink and royalty.
Jaipur houses several splendid mansions of yesteryear Maharajas. The majestic structures that adorn the landscape of Jaipur include Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort and many more. The architecture of these massive forts and ambrosial palaces is an ideal amalgamation of Indian, Mughal and European architecture. These citadels are amongst the best attractions of Jaipur. Tourism in Jaipur is packed with everything that mesmerizes and enchants its visitors.

The History of Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital City

Steeped in history and famed for its panoramic skyline, Edinburgh is one of the world's most enchanting cities. So what is the history of Scotland's capital? Well, Edinburgh's history is one that stretches far back to the Bronze Age. Here, this ancient civilisation found themselves dotted along East Scotland's coastline and further towards the central belt; both areas which are now consumed by Edinburgh's growing boundaries. Historians believe that later, during the Iron age, a tribe known as the Votadini ruled the area.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Empire State Building

To many the Empire State Building is one of the most renowned tourist attractions within New York City, and is high atop the list of many New York sightseers. In previous decades, the skyscrapers relevance in pop culture was sky-high, as it was included in many different pieces of literature and films.
Standing at 102 stories tall, the Empire State Building is located where 5th Avenue and West 34th Street collide. The name of the building is derived from the nick name for New York, which is also known as The Empire State.

New York City's Central Park

New York City's Central Park may be the most popular public park in the entire world. It is located in the middle of the Manhattan borough in New York, and receives upwards of 25 million visitors each and every year. The locations relevance in pop culture is still felt, as the location has been seen in many different movies including, famously, "Home Alone." Central Park first opened its figurative doors to the public in 1857. The space was built on over 770 acres of land that was owned by the city at the time. Shortly after the park first opened, a plan to renovate the park was created and the park was officially completed in 1873.

New York, New York - A City of Theatre

The Big Apple is a prime business and conference destination, attracting companies and individuals from all over the world who seek the very best facilities. And beyond the New York conference rooms, there's a whole world waiting to be discovered.
The pull of 'the city that never sleeps' goes beyond its corporate excellence, so why not take advantage of your visit to enjoy the delights of America's cultural capital? With big Broadway shows, world-class opera, cutting-edge fringe theatre, and music and dance scenes bursting with talent and innovation, there's something to suit every passion.

Visiting the Charming Tuscan Town of San Gimingnano

The town of San Gimignano is tucked away in the Tuscan countryside in the province of Siena. From your Tuscany villa rental, you can easily reach this medieval walled town that was founded in the third century BC by the Etruscans. It is probably best known for its production of the white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

As a stopping-off point for Catholics on a pilgrimage to Rome in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Era, the town flourished until the plague hit in the 1348 and it was compelled to submit to the rule of nearby Florence. Today, San Gimignano offers a wealth of history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. At the centre of its heritage are the Communal Palace, the Collegiata, the Chiesa di Sant'Agustino, and its artistic and cultural contributions.

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

The most popular museum in Barcelona is dedicated to Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and covers the artist's formative years in the city, his famous blue period 1901-04, and his variations on the Velázquez masterpiece "Las Meninas" the permanent collection is on the top two floors.

Luxury Holiday to Los Angeles: What to Look Out For

Home to the stars, Los Angeles is one place people head to when all they seek is the best of everything!
Whoop it up in the West Hollywood, laze around on the beaches of Santa Monica and revel in the splendour of Beverly Hills - Los Angeles offers great options of luxury holidays to keen vacationers. It isn't very hard to see why this 'Entertainment Capital of the World' continues to attract people like moths to a flame! With impressive architecture, incredible museums and movie studios - among other lures - it sure makes sense to plan luxury holidays to Los Angeles

Brazil Travel: Manaus Past and Present

Manaus is smack in the middle of Brazil's northwestern territory, a location that makes it ideal for travelers interested in launching on an Amazon tour, whether along the river or into the rainforest. It is the largest and most populous city in the Amazon with over 2 million inhabitants. Of the total population of the Amazon, 50% lives in the Manaus metropolitan region.

Egypt - A Mystic Land of Wonders

When I was a kid, Egypt was like place of my wild imaginations. My immature intelligence often allowed me to visit pyramids or watching dead mummies walking in my daydreams. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt is blessed by Nile River: a river that always sounded mystic and had no match in the world when it comes to its length. Be it death of Tutankhamun or ambitious tale of Cleopatra VII, lives of these Egyptian rulers have been synonym to Mystery.

Cusco Travel: Top 4 Sports Bars in Cusco

For the average Western traveler moving through Peru or Bolivia for any amount of time, the almost inevitable moment strikes when the traveler desires the simple treat of a beer in a somewhat familiar bar setting.
Luckily, travelers arriving in Cusco have something of a selection of bars to choose from. All of these British-owned or British-themed bars and pubs will be a treat, offering a decent range of beers and other beverages that will fulfill the longing for a brief taste of home.

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