Saturday, May 25, 2013

River House in Serbia

River house in Serbia photo
River house in Serbia
The world is full of unusual places, sites that are both intriguing and mysterious. House on the Drina River in Serbia has captured both qualities, attracting curious travelers from across the globe, who want to see a house that seems to be floating on water. The Drina River runs the border between Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia. The Drina is the main kayaking and rafting attraction of the Balkans. When you go on a river trip, you expect to see beautiful pastoral countryside. What you don’t expect to see is an oddly placed house in the middle of the river!It doesn’t appear that anyone lives in the Drina River House. In 1968 local kids have erected the first structure on this islet, like a retreat and without a building permit proper. The structure was rebuilt several times since then. Whenever torrential rain and flood take the structure down, one of the original builders, Milija Mandic Gljiva, would build a new one.



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