Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Most Beautiful Pictures of Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, United States

Here are some beautiful photos of the Palos Verde Peninsula in the USA:

Wispy Clouds - Redondo Beach, CA
Wispy Clouds - Redondo Beach, CA by D Breezy - now on Google

Last Ray
Last Ray by Ultima Gaina

The Fisherman
The Fisherman by Neil Kremer

wakeup call
wakeup call by Andy Kennelly

Believe 2007
Believe 2007 by Forgiven!

yellow bike
yellow bike by tanguera75

What I do on Friday evenings
What I do on Friday evenings by andhong09

Neptunian sky
Neptunian sky by olmjohns

140/365: Pregnant Point
140/365: Pregnant Point by johnwilliamsphd

Palos Verdes Sunset
Palos Verdes Sunset by 1 Johnny

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