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Top Budget Attractions In Bristol For All The Family

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Staycations are on the rise here in the UK, and there's more than just the economy to thank. Everyone has finally realised that there are a lot of interesting and fun attractions that can cover almost every age group on their door step. With museums, Zoo's and many other heritage sights, why not discover your very own local history today.

One of the main locations seeing a large surge in visits has to be Bristol, located in the South West of England. Not all vacations have to be expensive and especially when it's a family trip that is a regular occurrence towards promoting family time and towards escaping the daily stress and strains. Low cost getaways are always a great option.

Let's view some of the top budget attractions and activities for any family looking to have a short escape this summer:

Let's view The Clifton Suspension Bridge to begin. Providing the perfect location to enjoy a free guided tour of Bristol's most famous landmark. The bridge was built in 1836, by Isambard Kindom Brubel. Spanning a graceful 702 feet across the cliffs of Avon Gorge. At 250 feet above sea level, will ensure for a magnificent view of the city. Just don't forget to visit the visitor centre before leaving and getting some great pictures.

So, what's next I hear you ask. Well although this next activity is not free it is cheap, tying this amongst other free activities will be sure to maximise your trip. All visitors will be recommended to visit the Brunel SS Great Britain. Located in the Great Western Dockyard the passenger steamship was built to travel between Bristol and New York. What makes the steamship interesting is that it was much ahead of its time, featuring screw propeller and built with iron. And in 1843 it was considered the largest vessel on the waters. Now a museum there is plenty here to ensure all generations have fun.

Next on to the trusted museums that are provided within almost every city and are always considered a must visit. To learn about the local history and any other possible exhibition currently on display. But what makes the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery special is that its free and contains 19 galleries over 3 floors including hands on areas for all the family. Here children and adults of all generations will not be disappointed with world class collections of art, archaeology, Egyptology and geology, including natural history are all present within just three floors.

Finally, once the views of the city have been captured along with the local culture and history, there is always time to discover a little extra. So why not visit The Red Lodge Museum. Conveniently located within the city centre the museum is an old historic Elizabethan house. With over 400 hundred years of history, built in 1580, the lodge was once the home of Elizabeth I. Entry to the museum is free and full of Elizabethan and Georgian styles.

Don't also forget to choose great accommodation, whether a Hotel in Bristol City or B&B is preferred there is no doubt many different choices available. It's vital to select somewhere that is relatively close to all the local attractions to help maximise the possible visits to the local attractions and activities.

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