Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cusco Travel: Top 4 Sports Bars in Cusco

For the average Western traveler moving through Peru or Bolivia for any amount of time, the almost inevitable moment strikes when the traveler desires the simple treat of a beer in a somewhat familiar bar setting.
Luckily, travelers arriving in Cusco have something of a selection of bars to choose from. All of these British-owned or British-themed bars and pubs will be a treat, offering a decent range of beers and other beverages that will fulfill the longing for a brief taste of home.

Nortons Rats - Located just off the main plaza, with balconies overlooking the Plaza de Armas, Norton's is the perfect place to enjoy a mid-afternoon brew or late evening night cap. This ceiling is decorated with the world's flags as well as whimsical details like the face masks of past U.S. presidents above their most memorable quotes; "I do not recall." The bar also has a few televisions which can be tuned to your favorite football, rugby, tennis, or baseball match. For additional diversion, there is also a pool table.

Paddy's Pub - Just across the street from Norton's; whereas Norton's is bar Paddy's is pure pub. The menu is delicious, the space is smaller and more conducive to conversation. A television is available for viewing sporting events. Be sure to check out the unusual art work that adorns every nook and cranny of the venue, as well as the photographs that beautify the bathroom.

Cross Keys - Up the street from Paddy's, Cross Keys is bigger and has diverse areas to suit every bar need, including a small sit down bar, pub-style seating, comfortable sofas for fireplace lounging, a terrace to enjoy moments in Cusco sun, as well as televisions for your must-watch sporting events. For aficionados of darts, Cross Keys provides the requisite equipment. They also have a good selection of happy hour drinks.

The Real McCoy - This bar is also on the Plaza de Armas, but on the opposite side. Like the others, this one is on the second floor, but it's tucked into a gallery. To get there, walk to the narrow passageway, take the stairs up, and walk around to the entrance. The Real McCoy's has an excellent food menu and a small library for book exchanges. This bar is the least bar-like and is more suited for get-togethers with small groups of friends. It also has a decent happy hour menu and, of course, a television.

In Cusco, there are also numerous lounges, as well as other bars, but more in the Peruvian style, which means they're better for larger groups and they're menu selection will be less familiar to the Western traveler.

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