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5 Rome, Italy Annual Cultural Festivals Not to Be Missed

With Rome being absolutely crammed with culture it is no surprise that the locals like to share this culture with the rest of the world. Throughout the year there are a number of events which take place which, whilst enjoyed by the local residents, are also a great excuse for tourists to visit this marvellous city. The festivals, whilst varying in nature, are consistent in the pleasure and richness that they add to the already charming culture of Rome. Below are just some of these festivals which you may like to attend:
Estate Romana Festival - Held annually between June and October, the state Romana Festival sees various locations around the city host a choice of forms of entertainment including jazz concerts, rock concerts and classical music concerts. There is also an assortment of sporting events, film and theatre spectacles as well as children's activities meaning that this truly is a festival for all of the family.

Antiques Festival - Located in the Via Dei Coronari, which is the antiques epicentre of Rome, the Rome Antiques Festival is an opportunity for the antiques dealers of Rome to display their artwork to the public. The majority of the items on display are for sale, although the festival also represents a good opportunity to browse the various antiques on offer.

Culture Festival - For those who intend on visiting the many museums which Rome has to offer, this is the ideal opportunity to do so at a minimum cost. During this week most of the museums around the city open the doors to their exhibitions to the public without any charge. The aim of the week is to promote Rome's extensive and rich culture.

Noantri Festival - Although primarily a Christian festival, the Noantri Festival provides a great experience to all, regardless of their religious beliefs. The singing and dancing on display is colourful and engaging and will appeal to all. It is hard not to get swept away by the atmosphere of this traditional event. One of the highlights of the festival is the parading of Vergine del Carmine statue through the streets of the Trastevere district.

The Festa di San Giovanni - Every year on and around June 24th the citizens of Rome celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. The celebrations are glorious and vivacious. Highlights include firework displays and the procession of all members of the Clergy in Rome through the streets of the city. There are a number of traditions associated with this event which will be of deep meaning to Catholic tourists and of cultural interest to other.

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