Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 Romantic Experiences To Enjoy In London

As someone who was born and bred in London and consider myself a Londoner no matter where I am living in the world, I firmly believe that London lends itself to one of the most romantic and lovely places in the world to spend time with your loved ones. London can rival any other major city for the amount of fun and romance it can offer and more. One of the biggest and vibrant cities in the world with a wide variety of nice places to go to, it truly is a magnificent place for couples to enjoy. In this article I will list 5 of the most romantic things to do when spending time in London.
1. Taking a trip on the London eye and gazing at the London skyline with your loved one can be a really breathtaking experience. So many people come from all over the world just to enjoy this experience, but you can book yourself a VIP capsule just for yourselves and be served some champagne to go with your round trip.

2. London has some of the world's finest restaurants and steakhouses located in the city centre. Having a quality meal in a nice, cozy, warm environment (especially during the winter months) is a great feeling wherever you are, and in London there are plenty of opportunities to wine and dine to a wonderfully high standard

3. Taking a boat ride along the River Thames, particularly at night, and enjoying the beautifully lit buildings and settings is truly something to behold. Similar to taking a boat ride in Paris, another major city of love, this experience is definitely a must for couples.

4. In the months leading up to December and Christmas, there will be numerous out-door ice rinks set up all throughout the city. Holding hands with your partner whilst you skate amidst a backdrop of historic buildings and Christmas lights is an absolute treat, just like in the romance movies, and can be great fun even if you don't know how to skate.

5. Finally, London is one of the most beautifully built and planned cities in the world. Just walking along the streets, some over 200 years old, and admiring the gorgeous architecture and, traditional buildings is a romantic thing to do with your loved one. Why not give it a try and come over and embrace being in London as a couple? A dazzling city with huge potential awaits your visit.

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