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Enjoy The Unique Charms and Attractions of Warsaw in Poland

Explore Europe under your own steam through luxury holidays by train. If you want to enjoy sightseeing and discovering key destinations without the stress of airport transfers, holidays by train offer first class travel across different destinations. Now you can enjoy the very best sightseeing experience in a more leisurely manner.
European holidays by train guarantee a unique experience, travelling to vibrant cities such as Budapest, Istanbul and Warsaw, among others. Every stop is carefully handpicked to showcase key attractions to regale tourists.

Visiting Warsaw

Holidays by train are especially ideal for people who are paying their first visit to Europe. When planning a trip, one of the highlights is Warsaw, which offers many exceptional must-see attractions and must-try activities.

As the capital city of Poland, Warsaw is known as a major business hub for serious shoppers and tourists. What sets it apart is the fact that while it features the usual hustle and bustle of a modern city, it is also teeming with scenic old town charm that has been fully re-built following the World War II. This means apart from enjoying the sight of skyscrapers, it is also a wonderful destination for wandering around its old relics.

To give you an idea what's in store in Warsaw, check out the top recommended activities below.

Discover the Warsaw Old Town and Castle

Warsaw's old town (stare miasto) and the castle (zamek) were both completely rebuilt right after the war. The main square features restaurants, cafes as well as tourist shops that are sure to delight and titillate your senses. Make sure to check out the mermaid statue (syrenka), which is located right at the centre of the old town square, and serves as the city's emblem. For some romance and quiet time, walk among the medieval ramparts to best enjoy the majestic views of the city. To enjoy some really authentic Polish cuisine, check out their dumpling restaurants (pierogarnia), featuring fillings that will make your mouth water in anticipation and delight.

Enjoy Chopin in Royal Park

If you are planning to visit Warsaw during the summer season, enjoy some relaxing time at Royal Park. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch an open air concert featuring the music of Chopin during the early evenings. Both locals and tourists gather here to enjoy great music or simply relax after a hard day's work.

Shop at Golden Terraces Centre

This shopping centre was built several years ago, following the completion of the Palace of Culture and the Warsaw Central Station. The Golden Terraces Centre features the highly modern and ultra sleek shops of some of the most popular brand names. It also houses a string of restaurants and cafes as well as a cinema. For those travelling by train, this location is perfect to squeeze in some serious shopping.

Sample delicious cakes

One of the must-try food items in Warsaw is the local donut, along with the city's unique versions of cakes and other baked goodies. Among the most famous and sought after providers is the Blikle Café, which is situated in the elegant district of Nowy Swiat Street.

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