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Park Attractions in London: Chill Out and Relax in England's Capital

London may come across as a huge, noisy, concrete city, but when you start to explore it you will realise that some of its greatest charms lie in its natural parks.

If you decide to book a stay in a Hyde Park hotel, London is ripe for exploring. You don't just have one park to explore, but a number of others which are just as interesting. Here are a few of the top ones to make sure you visit during your stay.

1. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the royal parks in London which is famous for its wild deer. It used to be a deer-hunting area when it was first established, and now it has over 600 deer roaming wild which you can see when you visit. It is not located in the centre of the city, so it requires a train or tube ride, but it is well worth it. When you get there you will find 2,000 acres of open space to enjoy, making it a great way to escape the city for a break.

2. Hyde Park

Of course, this is clearly going to be one of the most convenient places to visit when you stay in a H. P. hotel. London has a large number to explore, but this is the biggest and the best - and you will be right next door! Some of the main attractions include the Serpentine Lake which you can stroll along or hire a boat and row along; the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain; Speakers' Corner where people have been airing their views to anyone who cares to listen since 1872; and much more besides.

3. Victoria Park

Victoria Park is not the largest green space in the city, but it was the first one to be made public. It is great for simply going for a walk to enjoy its natural surroundings, but there are also activities such as tennis and outdoor theatre performances, and during the summer large events are often held here.

4. St James's Park

This is another green space that you will certainly want to check out when you stay in a Hyde Park hotel. London has a number of famous features which are all located near here, including the Mall down the side, Buckingham Palace at one end and Horseguards parade, home of Trooping the Colour in June, at the other.

Enjoy London's Natural Attractions

Make sure you visit a few of these wonderful urban gardens when you stay in your Hyde Park hotel. London boasts some spectacular spaces, including the ones above, and they are all free to visit.

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